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Sustainable Livelihood Programme

The expected outcome of this programme is increased household resilience and capacity to maintain and improve income, assets, and food security in the face of outside stresses and shocks. Hunger and food insecurity pose significant threats to human development, particularly in developing countries. Populations in Arid and Semi-arid Lands experience chronic malnutrition, including farmers and pastoralists. This is even worse in arid and semi-arid regions.

Whereas agriculture is crucial for food security, access to food remains unguaranteed in the 21st century due to factors like population growth, failed rains, land use changes, climate change, and resource conflicts. Activities of the programme seek to foster sustainable livelihoods by addressing food security and nutrition improvement. The programme ensures that Core Humanitarian Standards are manifested through all interventions.

SAPCONE is an NGO working with nomadic pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia. Mandated to spearhead socio-economic self-reliance as well as transformative sustainable development agenda.

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