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Peace, Security and Climate Change Adaptation Programme

The programme advocates for and supports programs that address the consequences of climate change in conflict-affected and fragile areas to avert and limit potential conflict and develop long-term peace. The programme acknowledges that climate change adaptation measures may aid in the establishment of peace by addressing the root causes of conflict and boosting social and economic resilience.

Interventions by the programme seek to assist in the creation and implementation of inclusive and long-term conflict resolution processes at the community level through community discussions, seminars, and training to foster understanding, communication, and collaboration among various groups. The programme collaborates with local leaders, youth groups, women’s groups, and other community-based organizations to promote peace education and create awareness of conflict’s core causes. The programme also partners with government agencies and other civil society organizations to lobby for policies and programs that promote peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

SAPCONE is an NGO working with nomadic pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia. Mandated to spearhead socio-economic self-reliance as well as transformative sustainable development agenda.

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