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Gender, Protection and Education Programme

The gender, protection, and education programme adopts a multi-sectoral approach and partners with among others government, the donor community, civil society, local leaders and community structures during service delivery. The programme implements diverse intersecting programs in the areas of education, protection, health and nutrition, and water, sanitation and hygiene to address challenges facing children.

Interventions by the programme also address gender issues that cut across all the sustainable development goals. Also targeted are vulnerable and marginalized girls and women from marginalized and vulnerable communities. Through gender mainstreaming interventions, the programme seeks to ensure that women participate in the decision-making processes and that both women and men benefit equally to strengthen gender equality. Interventions also seek to sensitize the community about the right to education and empower stakeholders to reinforce and champion the rights of children through forums.

SAPCONE is an NGO working with nomadic pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia. Mandated to spearhead socio-economic self-reliance as well as transformative sustainable development agenda.

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